Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our website, select the package you want to go with & make the purchase. Once the payment is successfully processed, you will be redirected to setmore where you can book an appointment with your App Success Coach where we discuss the design & content of your App.

In an ideal case, the App goes live on the App store within a month. Usually, we complete the development process of the App within 3 days & submit it to the respective App stores. The App is reviewed by the App Store & is either accepted or rejected by them. Once the App is accepted, then the App is live on App Store & is visible to millions of people. Now when the App is rejected, they provide reasons for being rejected and send it back to us. We make the necessary changes immediately & submit it to the App Store.

We have a team of focused employees that take care of the service being provided to our customers. You will be updated on your App status regularly through the email provided by you.

No, there are no monthly charges.

All the controls to your App will be with us. For editing a certain section of the App, you can do it by emailing us changes or schedule a call with your App Success Coach & you will be assisted by him/her for the same.

You can add new content/features to your App just by purchasing a $49 ticket for an upgrade or adding each feature.

Your App Success Coach will assist you with the content that you desire to have on your App. Also in some cases, you may have to submit an authorization letter to us that will let us use your content on your App legally.

Schedule a call through the website & add information about the type of upgrade or new App you wish to have.

When you initially buy a package, the features and it’s size it limited, but you can add addition components in the content by buying the add-on packets.

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